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A Trap I've Built

01 December 2017 / RAAR

  1. 01. Hey Trouble
  2. 02. To Me Right Now
  3. 03. Trap
  4. 04. Line
  5. 05. Like A Vice
Artists: Louisahhh

RAAR is deeply proud to present the first EP from label co-founder Louisahhh entitled "A Trap I’ve Built". Continuing upon the cross-media mission of RAAR, the EP is meant to create a bridge, in both theme and feel, between Louisahhh’s previous, dancefloor oriented tracks and a more live-sounding, post-alternative industrial pop. 

Louisahhh describes: « A Trap I’ve Built is an intentionally brutal body of work. Wading through murky themes of rape culture, addiction, masochism and deprivation, whatever isn't explicitly lyricised bleeds through in a sonic ambush. It is my intention that listening to these songs, or djing them, should be an experience that leaves the audience a little shaken up, something they can feel in their teeth. I hope that "A Trap I've Built" is delighted in because (not in spite) of the fact that it is upsetting.»




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