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A Mutual Antipathy Revisited

19 October 2018 / Hotflush Recordings

  1. 01 Systematic Decline (2018 Remaster)
  2. 02 Hard Boiled (2018 Remaster)
  3. 03 Tell Her (2018 Remaster)
  4. 04 Disorder (2018 Remaster)
  5. 05 Ruptured (2018 Remaster)
  6. 06 The Upside (2018 Remaster)
  7. 07 Twitch (2018 Remaster)
  8. 08 Stolen (2018 Remaster)
  9. 09 Poppies (2018 Remaster)
  10. 10 From Within (2018 Remaster)
  11. 11 Suck (2018 Remaster)
  12. 12 If I Dub (ft. Amp Fiddler)
  13. 13 Ruptured (Surgeon Remix)
  14. 14 Poppies (Substance Dub Version)
  15. 15 Twitch (Jamie Vex'd Remix)
  16. 16 The Upside (Martyn's Down Mix)
  17. 17 Hard Boiled (SCB Edit)
  18. 18 From Within (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
  19. 11 Suck (2018 Remaster)
  20. 12 If I Dub (ft. Amp Fiddler)
  21. 13 Ruptured (Surgeon Remix)
  22. 14 Poppies (Substance Dub Version)
  23. 15 Twitch (Jamie Vex'd Remix)
  24. 16 The Upside (Martyn's Down Mix)
  25. 17 Hard Boiled (SCB Edit)
  26. 18 From Within (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
Artists: Scuba

Ten years on from the release of his debut album, Scuba presents A Mutual Antipathy Revisited, consisting of a remastered version of the LP with the addition of a previously unreleased track featuring Amp Fiddler. The package also contains the original 2008 remixes by Marcel Dettmann, Surgeon, Martyn, Substance, Jamie Vex’d, and the first outing of Scuba's SCB alias. The album and remixes marked a formalisation of the links between the UK-centric sound of dubstep and the undisputed capital of techno, Berlin. The full package will be released October 19 via Hotflush.

A Mutual Antipathydocumented an important exchange of ideas between the realms of dubstep and techno, crafting a convincing argument within a dialogue that continues today. As the first collection of music Scuba made after relocating to Germany, it marks the beginning of an important shift in his sound, connecting two worlds via their esoteric similarities whilst respecting their inherent differences. Crucially, sandwiched in between the release of the album and it's subsequent remixes was the first edition of Scuba's SUB:STANCE parties at Berghain, which ran quarterly for exactly five years.

Chaotic London streets manifest in microscopic drum patterns, offset with the cavernous warehouses and derelict expanses of Berlin. Scuba plays with space in both an acoustic and structural sense, sitting firmly between two worlds without yielding to either. This reluctance to settle on one genre drives the album, as even the warmer moments are underpinned by the silent tension of exploring new territory.

Deft processing and heavy filters float by skittering hats and overcast harmonies, whilst angular snares cut through heavy kicks, occupying and expanding on the half-time metre of dubstep. With a healthy dose of restraint, Scuba brandishes suggestions towards industrial techno, hyper two-step garage and ambient dub, but continuously insists on creating his own space. As such, it’s both a highly personal album and an impassioned homage to his influences.

A Mutual Antipathy Revisitedincludes remixes, originally released six months after the album, from artists who further defined the emerging links between dubstep and techno. Marcel Dettmann's take on 'From Within' was his most eerie construction to date, while Surgeon's take on 'Ruptured' brought an element of swing unfamiliar to fans of his usual output. Martyn had only just made his transition from drum n bass, and his contribution developed a very European tangent off from two-step garage, while techno mainstay Substance delivered a very Berlin take on stripped back dub. Jamie Vex'd (half of Vex'd and now recording as Kuedo) delivered the project's most colourful moment, nodding towards the sounds emerging at that point from Glasgow and Bristol, while Scuba himself made the final contribution with the debut appearance of his SCB alias, which finally delivered an LP in 2018.

Mastering for the 2018 edition was by Conor Dalton at Calyx Studios in Berlin. 




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