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Nathan Surreal
A Change Of Heart

29 June 2018 / Biologic Records

  1. 01. A Change Of Heart (Original Mix)
  2. 02. Hanakotoba (Original Mix)
  3. 03. Where Were We (Lord Of The Isles Remix)
Artists: Nathan Surreal
Remixers: Lord Of The Isles

Nathan Surreal returns with another EP for Biologic Records. ’A Change Of Heart’ is due for digital-only release on June 29th.

‘A Change Of Heart’ is a cathartic peak time workout full of radiant vocal bursts and ricocheting hits. ‘Kanakotoba’ is a blissful ambient stepper full of dubby echoes and crisp percussion. For his remix of ‘Where Were We’, Lord Of The Isles brandishes warm, expansive pads amongst sharp broken beats.

On the same day as this EP, the label will also release a vinyl-only EP featuring a joint effort from Nathan Surreal and Herzel, with further remixes by Marquis Hawkes and Lord Of The Isles.




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