Under his many aliases (Dabrye, James T. Cotton, SK-1, etc.), Tadd Mullinix has created his own world of unique sounds, from hip-hop to acid techno to abstract electronics. Mullinix's recording career began with a series of releases on the cult underground imprint Rewind! Records, along with Todd Osborn. Together, under their aliases Soundmurderer & SK-1, the two created and released a string of ragga jungle 12"s (which were eventually picked up by Richard D. James's label Rephlex). But it was a chance meeting and a demo pass at a local record store with Ghostly founder Sam Valenti IV that took Tadd's career in an entirely different direction. Originally an A-side demo geared to fit in with the house tracks that Ghostly had released thus far, Valenti flipped to the second side of the demo tape and found a series of beautifully crafted abstract beats fused with classically inspired melodies. These demos became the foundation for Winking Makes a Face, the first full-length release for Ghostly International. The album was received with international praise from both music fans and publications alike. Mullinix's profile further rose in the summer of 2001 when he was selected by Carl Craig to be a live performer in the second Detroit Electronic Music Festival. It was during his live performance that people were treated to the birth of Mullinix's newest persona, Dabrye, and the techno cut-ups of James T. Cotton. While pursuing various other styles of electronic music, Mullinix keeps the music of his birth name in the experimental canon of sound. From Winking to 2002's heady Panes EP and into his various aliases, Mullinix continues to keep listeners guessing. Indeed, he is one of the few artists with the diverse talent and ability to successfully fill not just one musical career, but many.




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