Labels: Ramp Recordings

South London born producer Visionist, came through in 2011 after initial support from DJ Oneman with tunes like ‘Come In’ & ‘Mr.67’. Since then releases have come on Leisure System, Keysound, Signal life, just to name a few. He’s also had sufficient support from DJ’s like Zomby, Kode9, Pearson Sound, Fatima Al Qadiri, Nguzunguzu, etc

Visionist blends different genres together but his music is mainly routed in Grime. It is now common knowledge that before we knew Visionist, Carnell was creating Grime music under another alias from the age of 15.

Visionist has been described as a “Grime Auteur” (Pitchfork) but is not unknown to flip his hand to various other genres using techniques that make Visionist’s sound very original. It is dripped in dark emotion and of late his vocal sampling work has become a main forefront feature.

Visionist’s ‘I’m Fine’ release on Lit City Trax gained great plaudits with 8/10 on Xlr8r and 4/5 on RA. It also has gained a lot of BBC Radio 1 play from Benji B and Eclair Fifi.

Visionist’s work has been heavy publicised with it appearing on various platforms e.g Pithfork, Fader, Dazed & Confused in terms of music and Nylon Mag & Because London in the fashion world, with his music recently being used on a Nike video.

His most successful mixes to date can be found on Dis Mag (New York) & Fact Mag (London)
“It’s beginning to make sense to talk about the Visionist sound and it should be apparent it’s a special one”(Traunts)




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