Labels: Doumen

My name is Tyler Tadlock. I release music as Spirituals. I am a percussionist, composer, designer, and mixed-media artist. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in visual and mixed media art. In school I discovered free-improvisational music, avant garde and other forms of experimental music ultimately peaking my interest in music composition on a computer. Computer based music lead me to an obsession with house and techno music, and an appetite for endless loops and pulse-driven four on the floor dance tracks.

In 2008, I moved to Portland, Oregon, and compiled the first Spirituals self-titled release in 2010, utilizing both found and recorded sounds from free-improvised sessions to form loop-based compositions. In 2012 I moved my studio into a warehouse cooperative in the Midtown neighborhood of Jackson, Mississippi, where I currently work as a visual designer, produce music for film and TV, and create/perform experimental music, dance music, and free improvisation. In the fall 2016 I co-founded AND Gallery, a space for contemporary and emerging art.




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