Species of Fishes

Labels: Galaxiid

Species Of Fishes was created in 1993 in Moscow during the experimental home sessions of Igor Kolyadny and Vitaly Stern, which resulted in the recording of the Songs Of A Dumb World, a sampledelic album, published on the sublabel of the Dutch Staalplaat - Kormplastics in 1994. It was followed by the album Trip Trap (1996) on the domestic label Exotica, which immediately approved the Species of Fishes, as one of the leading electronic group in Russia. Numerous contributions to theatrical, feature and tv and screen documentary film productions (Vladimir Mirzoev's "That This World" in Stanislavsky's theater, Yuri Grymov's "Collector"...) followed. The ensuing mini-album of remix-remakes of the alternative rock band from St. Petersburg Tequilajazzz attracted a lot of critics' attention and positive reviews. In 1998, with the mediation of Staalplaat, the British musician Bryn Jones, better known as Muslimgauze, remixed the selected tracks from the first two albums of SOF, which were edited in limited edition on FeeLee Rec. Co. And later, in 2007 it was reissued by Tourette from the USA, this time without editing. The third album, Time End Place, released in 1999 also on Exotica, was more experimental and was met ambiguously. In 2000, after that their own label Species Of Fishes released a "lighter" self-titled album, which falls into the "office ambience" section of the Wire magazine charts, and a collection of outtakes and remixes from the early Songs Of A Dumb World sessions. In the same year the group receives the main prizes from the leading Russian alternative music edition Ptuch, as the best electronic band and the prize of the music club "16 tons" for the best remix of the year according to surveys of leading music critics. In a period of 2001 - 2006 on the label Planktone Productions (Discogs page), started by Igor Kolyadnyy, were issued a series of "live" albums that documented the group's performances during this period, along with albums of other underground electronic musicians from Russia (Alexei Borisov, Theodor Bastard, to name a few). In 2002, the darkambient / illbient "Insomnia" comes out, based on the earliest material from the archives of SOF. In fact, for various reasons, the joint activities of the band's members turned into an exchange of audio and MIDI, and collaborations with friend vocalists and other musicians, painstaking post-production and powerful re-processing, as a result of which the album "VIII" was compiled, which in slightly modified versions appeared on the network between 2011 - 2016, and eventually saw the light of the final version in 2016 on In the same year on Planktone Productions appeared the continuation of the album "Insomnia" - "Insomnia-2", a new video album created with the help of multimedia artist Vadim Epstein and published on a four-gigabyte flash card. As well as during all their creative period, here SOF explore different genres of electronics, somehow interpreting them and actually existing in their own unique out-of-genre stylistics, which easily coexists electronic, ambient, illbient, idm, dub, glitch, noise, minimal, musique concrete, collage, acid, drum'n'bass, breaks, perverted lounge, post-dubstep etc.




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