Special Request

Labels: Houndstooth

As an artist, Special Request, aka Paul Woolford, has crossed a multitude of spheres spanning genres, decades and scenes. A wealth of musical influence in his childhood provided strong cultivation of his character, being born of a jazz drummer and growing up with his adoptive father’s fascinating record collection, along with an innate passion to create from his early years, paving the way for him to craft an intense musical path. Radio was a key part of his influences; as a teenager he was constantly listening, absorbing and recording sounds he found interesting, something that rapidly escalated into an obsession when he discovered pirate stations by complete accident. 

He has produced under various aliases and experimented with multiple labels, forging links that span from Carl Craig's Planet E Communications in Detroit, through to London's XL Recordings, Gerd Janson's Running Back in Germany, and many more notable points in between. His music has repeatedly been used by various fashion houses to soundtrack runway shows, most recently Fendi for their SS2017 collection. His 2005 break-out release 'Erotic Discourse’ (recorded under the name Bobby Peru - a nod to the influence of multi-disciplinary artist David Lynch), was a record that cut across scenes, influenced multiple producers the world over and still sounds boldly futuristic 12 years later. The success of this recording led Woolford to question the structures and significance of the music industry, and the outcome of this questioning was a fevered period of recording that has not stopped since. This venture became Special Request, and after releasing 3 white label 12"s, he signed to Houndstooth in January 2013. 

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