Sandwell District

Labels: fabric Records

Function & Regis, aka David Sumner & Karl O’Connor

Function: David Charles Sumner on December 1, 1973 in Canarsie, Brooklyn, USA. At approximately 5am, which I guess explains a lot.
Regis: Dublin, Ireland, Last Century, just after midnight.

Function: Synewave, Infrastructure, Downwards, Sandwell District. First release in 1996. Moved to Berlin in very late 2007 in order to place myself in an environment which was more conducive to my career in music.
Regis: Label owner of the allegedly seminal techno label DOWNWARDS... Founder of the much mythologized ‘Birmingham Sound’ along with Surgeon. Has remixed artists as diverse as Marilyn Manson, Vince Clarke/Martin Gore, Dj Hell, Ike Yard and Raime. A living legend in his own lunchtime.

Function: fabric is currently one of only a handful of clubs that are viewed globally. Their production, the way they come across, is second to none. From the venue itself to the staff to the mix CD series, every nuance is executed with sheer perfection. I had wanted to play there for years and when I finally did it exceeded my expectations. I loved the fact that it's not really in a building but in a labyrinth of underground tunnels. Pretty much how a nightclub focused on proper electronic music is meant to be.

Regis: Clubs are about people, the people who go and the people who work behind the scenes. Speaking from a ‘professional’ point of view fabric is a dream to play at because of the people ! I've played there as part of British Murder Boys (with Surgeon) OVR (with James Ruskin) and of course as Sandwell District, and each time I feel like I've come home, albeit to the most wonderful dysfunctional family.

Function: Encapsulating an era and putting it to rest.
Regis: The mix was essentially an extension of Dave’s working procedure and mindset he had got himself into while recording his artist album for OstGut. I outlined some sections/tracks that I thought might work with his, I sent him rough 10 minute drafts for him to listen to and try and work into the main flow. The final mixdown was done by Dave, as he had gone over the whole mix hundreds of times fine tuning the detail, it made sense for him to execute the mix proper.

Function: I've become a singer/songwriter.
Regis: If you want to give the gods a laugh... talk about future plans. :)




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