Peter Van Hoesen

Peter Van Hoesen is a Belgian electronic music producer, DJ label owner of Time To Express.

Immersed in Belgium 's new electronic scene, a young Peter came of age during heady days of cold wave, industrial, post punk and acid house. New underground music was simply excitingly futuristic, edgy, raw and of the moment. Heavily influenced by the emerging electronic culture around him, his curiosity for the recording and creation of this music grew. Some years later Van Hoesen lives for electronic music, deeply concerned with the exploration and development of sound.

A busy and involved producer and label boss, Peter continues to run the Time To Express label, founded in 2008 as a platform devoted to a forward-pushing club sound. In September of 2012 Peter will release a new long-player - the versatile and highly textural 'Perceiver'. His second album following 2010's 'Entropic City', the approachable producer continues his work as a busy activist in modern electronic music. Furthermore, as Sendai, alongside Yves De Mey, the pair released their celebrated 'Geotope' album in early 2012 - delving into a micro-world of experimental, highly atmospheric electronics. As a solo producer, he continues his prolific output with releases and remixes on Time To Express, alongside other labels like Ostgut Ton, CLR, Hotflush and others.

Peter Van Hoesen performs as a DJ and as a Live act, fusing his love for playing records with his hardware-led approach to creating sound. In the DJ booth he enjoys a confidence born of experience. He not only presents contemporary, room filling and dramatic techno, but can range into house, melodic moments, broken beats and atmosphere-lifting classic 80s/90s vibes. From Berghain and Panorama Bar, to the cult Labyrinth Festival in Japan, to Fabric, Trouw or The Bunker, Peter's extended sets, often heading into powerfully hypnotising and psychedelic moments, are well known and well respected.

Given his natural, humanist and rather open-source attitude to his career, Peter Van Hoesen finds himself in a unique position, even if he didn't want to single himself out as such. Often opening up in interviews with telling, genuine insights into his creative process, or divulging over aspects of modern life that trouble him, he promotes a sensitive and articulate approach to both electronic music and the people around him.

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