Nikita Zabelin

Labels: X/OZ

Nikita Zabelin is the one who symbolize the Russian techno scene up to date now.

What is iconing himself, the sound is becoming a new trend in modern Techno with industrial soundscapes that evoke the cold landscape of Mother Russia. Originating in Detroit and by way of Berlin, the Minimal Techno scene has now progressed its way to Moscow. In the midst of this scene is Nikita Zabelin, paving the way for the next generation - he has been actively DJing as a resident at parties at the legendary club Arma17 and Mosaique, scene and also has his own radio program Resonance Moscow = the radar of electronic music in Russia.

His side project, Rhizome, is an impressive body of work that can be considered a form of noise therapy, a musical sedative, to the extent that he was asked to show his chops on Boiler Room.

Needless to say, one of the first artist to be contracted to Nina Kraviz’s трип label, which has been getting a lot of attention worldwide as of late. 




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