Mare Nero

Mare Nero is an art duo and independent publishing house founded by Nicola Fucili and Federico Gargaglione in Berlin in 2017.

The philosophy behind Mare Nero is based on two parallels:
- Research, with the aim of bringing young artists to the forefront by creating bespoke publications for each work. No art form is excluded and all means of communication are embraced
- Collaboration - Mare Nero (as an art duo) develops a project in collaboration with other artists, on the basis of an idea/concept.

Founded by:
Federico Gargaglione born 1988, Enna, Italy. Lives and work in Berlin.
Nicola Fucili born 1990, Urbino, Italy. Lives and work in Berlin.

2018 Nors, A Syrian Gaze (cassette)
2017 Mare Nero Nr.0.
Mare Nero “a”, featuring the work of Oscar Passeri.
Mare Nero Nr.1, A Syrian Gaze.

Solo Shows:
2017 Nr.0, Neon Kunst, Berlin.
Mare Nero for Lokkal Kommunity, K4, Szczecin.
A Syrian Gaze, Modular + Space, Berlin.

Group Shows:
2018 La Religione dei Ricordi, Villaggio Bizantino Canalotto & Necropoli
k di Realmese, Calascibetta (Sicily)
2017 Volume A, Colonia Nova, Berlin.




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