Low Concept

Labels: White Asega

Low Concept is the Berlin-based pairing of Ville Haimala (Renaissance Man) and Daniel Fisher (Physical Therapy). Separately they have become known for their deeply conceptual and experimental approaches to club music. Low Concept is their attempt to strip back the baggage and provide straight-to-the-point, dance-floor tracks. Low Concept is what it is.

About Renaissance Man:
Renaissance Man is a Finnish duo split between Berlin and Helsinki. Since its beginning in 2009 it has released one album (The Renaissance Man Project, Turbo, 2011) and several EPs on labels like Turbo, Dubsided, Sound Pellegrino, remixed acts ranging from P Diddy to Sissy Nobby and toured through 4 continents playing clubs like Berghain in Berlin and Womb in Tokyo. Since 2013 they have run their own label Black Ocean.

About Physical Therapy:
Physical Therapy is Daniel Fisher, the New Jersey born and raised producer/DJ. Known for a constantly shifting, abstracted take on club music, PT has released on labels like Fifth Wall, Grizzly, and Hippos in Tanks as well as running his own Allergy Season label out of Berlin and New York.




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