Labels: R&S Records

Indigo has been blurring the ethereal boundaries between Techno, Dubstep and Electronica since a self released debut 12″ back in 2008. While others are content to find a groove and settle, Indigo has remained ever fluid with releases on labels as diverse as Exit Records, Tectonic, Brownswood, On The Edge and his own Mindset Records imprint.

The magnetic pull and promise of Manchester is one keenly felt by all who grow up within its radius and Indigo’s explorations into the city’s burgeoning electronic music scene provided both limitless inspiration and a sounding board against which to test his early productions. Part of a fresh wave of talent experimenting with the possibilities a lower frequency range, his sound developed at a rapid rate. With deep roots in Manchester’s Electronica history, Indigo’s productions have always explored the meeting point between sub bass and locked grooves, hints of Bristol weight and the dissonance of Berlin set seamlessly against the innate melancholy of the North.

At the advent of the much feted Autonomic movement, Indigo, alongside long term production partner Synkro, was one of the first of many artists to move up the BPM range and experiment again with Drum & Bass tempos. His sound…

Words -
Dan Hampson




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