Epiphany aka Damian Schwartz

Labels: AHD Records

Damian Schwartz ́s relation with music started in his early childhood, he studied drums when he was around 12 to later switch to bass Guitar from which he has a medium degree. Around the age of 15 Damian started going to clubs and listening to House and Techno music which soon attracted all his attention. That was his starting point as a record collector and his first steps into music production. He released his first record in 2004 and became one of the co-founders of the Net28 music platform, which quickly became a reference in the underground electronic scene. The project stopped in 2009 and Damian moved forward focusing on his artist career. Since then he has been traveling and developing new projects and releases. He likes to think about dance music as a whole thing, not focusing on styles but on what people need in every occasion.

Damian declares his biggest influences as Maurizio, Mike Ink, Gemini, Bobby Konders, Prince, Boards of Canada, Atkins, Blue Jean, and most of the early house sounds from NY and Chicago.

In 2012 he started the label AHD including releases by himself plus artists like DJ F, Marcos Cabral or Fred P. The label start has been very promising and releases like AHD 003 "Transformacion" by Dj F have already been praised on the media like Pitchfork or Resident Advisor.


Keep on truckin' (As EPIPHANY AHD Records)
Decoy Semantica Records. (As Epiphany in the next Nonnative VA compilation)


A Ghost of Myself AHD. 12′′ (As Epiphany)


Dambcul Oslo. 12′′


Holloway Oslo. 12”
Hello Sweden / La voz Love letters from Oslo. 12”
Colored Party Múpa. 12”


Ruidos y Frecuencias 2 Apnea Records. 12”
Party Lovers Net28. Album

Epiphany aka Damian Schwartz's Releases




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