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CutOff!CutOff! has always been interested in working on the fringes, outside of accepted norms and conventions. Having lived in London, New York and South Australia, the Berlin based artist is constantly on the lookout for those undiscovered spots off the beaten paths. Perhaps it requires the freedom of being an outsider in order to discover new lands since such an approach necessarily results in a lack of associations with established scenes. Therefore, it's only logical he chose Techno as his preferred mode of expression: A genre which from its inception is synonymous with experimentation and pushing technology into directions where it was never imagined to be used. This leaves aside, of course, the narrow clichéd understanding of the genre with its endless recurrence of the same formulaic music.

Accordingly, his music breathes the spirit of defiance against conformity and unconditional accessibility - the pivotal question for him is whether he discovers something new about himself or the world in the process of creating his music. May the result be an exercise in violent indulgence or the contemplative dwelling on dark ambient drones. The idiosyncrasy of CutOff!CutOff!'s industrial leaning sound will most likely not cater to standard play-it-safe dancefloors but is for those willing to go beyond usual listening habits. His way of working in extremes is certainly informed by his early years spent in various Hardcore bands.

This uncompromising approach to creating extends to the way CutOff!CutOff! performs at gigs. His appearances have taken the form of pure hardware live sets characterized by improvisation with nothing prepared beforehand. Such a risky concept conforms with his determination to produce something truly unique, resulting in no two live sets ever to be the same while always communicating with the audience through his machines.

CutOff!CutOff!'s persistence to contribute something significant in a sea of noise led in the past to a Ph.D in the area of human rights and international relations. While his musical ventures nearly came to a halt during this period, in the long run he gained insights applicable to the creative process, such as the ability to recognize and connect seemingly unrelated patterns. Accordingly, he draws inspiration from all aspects of reality for his productions – be it the conversion of mathematical concepts into rhythmic sequences or the translation of abstract expressionists' technique of painting veils of layers into an aural experience by means of granular synthesis. All this helped him to spur his passion for electronic music and enter into his yet most productive period.




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