Blue Fields

Labels: Haunt Music

What is the nature of experience? Do the causal ripples emanating from our actions and experience fade into the ether upon completion? Do they persist as dream or memory or some other type of latent effect in different subtle forms? How is there any relation to a passing moment to the breadth of what we intuitively know to be infinite?

Such are the heady ruminations tabled by Mike Shannon as he turns another page in his sonic scrapbook to present his new project, Blue Fields, alongside guitar player Takeshi Nishimoto and vocalist Fadila.

Japan’s Takeshi Nishimoto is best known for his solo guitar works on the City Center offices label with his album “Monologue” and the project called “I’m not a gun” with techno luminary John Tejada. Takeshi delivers a unique style of electric guitar and acoustic contemporary classical guitar worthy of the title virtuoso. But unlike many players of his caliber he’s not afraid to experiment with electronic processing, bending the instrument’s voice in weird and wonderful ways.

Half Turkish, half German born Fadila is an accomplished session signer having performed and recorded with many artists in the jazz/soul scenes as well the electronic world, having worked with the likes of Losoul and Italo boysd. She has also collaborated with Shannon previously on tracks “Under the Radar” on his own Cynosure recordings and “Sweets” on Wagon Repair records.

Veteran Canadian producer Mike Shannon sits in the drivers seat to put the intricate pieces of the Blue Fields puzzle together. Mike has produced albums for some of the electronic scene’s premier labels like Force inc., Scape and Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 records. As well as a volley of singles on his label Cynosure and Matthew Jonson’s Wagon Repair just to mention a few. Plus years of remix credits ranging from Akufen to Kevin Saunderson. Shannon has definitely made a niche for himself in the techno house community but he’s also no stranger to the world of abstract downtempo beats with proof of that in his 2005 release for Scape records entitled “Possible Conclusions for Stories that Never End”

The three come together to forge a subterranean, narcotic, mutant jazz with a deep resonance and strikingly original sound. Ghost Story explores a spectrum emotions ranging from deepest melancholy to peaceful and serene contemplation. Takeshi brings a complex melodic component to Mike Shannon’s other worldly synth and drum programming over a range of rhythms and tempos. And like a long forgotten soul singer beamed in from another decade, Fadilla’s sultry, seductive vocal stylings and a warmth and humanity to the trio’s otherworldly sound canvas. Ghost Story rewards repeated and deep listening handsomely, and stands as yet another triumph for one of the industry’s most versatile producers.




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