Alex Smoke

Labels: R&S Records

Alex Smoke is restless. He’s hungry to explore new electronic ground. And he prefers never to trace his careful steps.

While his music may reside on the dancefloor along with his renowned live sets, it also resonates so much further than this. With a production style drawn from a myriad of influences that blur the boundaries between electronica, techno, classical and hip hop, Alex Smoke's music evolves in new directions with every new project he undertakes. Musically it’s consistently fulfilling, regardless of the listener's preferred genre.

2011 heard him score a production of Faust for string quintet, written to accompany F.W.Murnau's seminal 1926 silent film of the same name. This work was expansive in that it comprised a large electronic and sound design element, interwoven with hidden references to various Faustian pacts of our times, from our devotion to consumerism to Aleister Crowley to Middle East politics.

2012 saw Alex return with a new, more vocal-led alias of 'Wraetlic', a project that focused on shorter song-based structures and a full AV live show created by Arch Project, Japan, premiering at Mutek in June 2012. The self-titled album aired on Convex Industries in April 2013.

He at once sounds utterly contemporary yet strangely alien. It’s an uncompromising work, and one that’s as arresting as all Smoke’s equally singular statements over the last eight years of his dynamic career. ‘Wraetlic’ unifies both sides of his split musical personalities. The classical swoon with a huge understanding of composition, yet grafted to the nocturnal and narcotic wild tendencies of dance music’s continual and vital revision.




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