Berlin based Serialism Records returns with yet another 12” addition to their formidable collection. This time Onirik (a.k.a Federico Benedetti), steps forward with what will be his second release on the label thus far, after a fleeting appearance on late-last year’s London Cuts Vol. II compilation. 'Broken' is four tracks of hypnotic, non-linear, dream-like House music.

Onirik takes his time to explore a spectrum of new sounds, which hinge around a central dream-like motif. The first track, Il Viaggio (‘The Journey”) calls in the duties of label-head Cesare vs Disorder (a.k.a. Cesare Marchese) to smoothly and progressively build into an irresistible house-groover, complete with expertly timed breakdowns.

The titular track, Broken, is the highlight with its syrupy sub-bassline taking center stage, accented by dynamic percussive riffs. Gangsta Patience comes in at just the right time to catch you falling, with some beautifully chopped and rolling piano samples built around a steady house flow.

The EP also comes complete with two re-rubs of ‘Il Viaggio,’: an atmospheric and disorientating effort from Le Loup and a straightforward, Chicago-inspired cut from Mark Chambers.

Serialism, as a label, has become synonymous with consistent and classic dance-floor orientated releases, 'Broken' is no exception.


Le Loup
Mark Chambers

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