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Fri, 24-10-2014

Track Premieres From Perc Trax Anniversary

Self-Titled Magazine premieres tracks from the upcoming compilation Slowly Exploding: Ten Years of Perc Trax. Mick Finesse and Pinion team up on "Dead Boyfriend Alley" and Kareem presents "Just When You Thought It Was Over." Listen to the tracks from the compilation, out on November 10th,
Fri, 24-10-2014

Electronic Beats: Avalon Emerson's Covering Tracks

Electronic Beats' Covering Tracks series invites artists to recommend ten of their favorite tracks. Avalon Emerson shares tracks found the old fashioned way: "under the arm and recommendation of a record store employee, or under everyone’s noses in the dollar bin—far from hype, inflated Discogs...
Fri, 24-10-2014

FACT TV Sets Brassica Against the Clock

Fact Mag challenged Brassica to a race against the clock, and the winner is clear. In ten minutes flat Brassica, aka Michael Anthony Wright, puts together a complex and groovy track with his handy Nord modular synth. Watch the process unfold