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Fri, 27-02-2015

Introducing: Handwerk Audio vintage synth studio in Berlin

Handwerk Audio is a vintage synthesizer studio based in Berlin's Kreuzberg district and run by Marco Freivogel (Exercise One), Peter Van Hoesen (Time To Express/ Archive Intérieures) and Ricardo De Azcuenaga (birdsmakingmachine). We welcome musicians of all styles to come and explore our beautiful...
Thu, 26-02-2015

Thump explore El_Txef_A's new Forbidden Colours label

Thoughtful production is a constant for the mysterious Aitor Etxebarria. Under his El_Txef_A (pronounced elchefa) moniker, Etxebarria has released melodic, haunting tracks on labels Permanent Vacation and Hypercolour, as well as two critically acclaimed albums, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (2012...
Thu, 26-02-2015

Dummy streams Patten's remix of Lord Raja 'Throw Them Out'

'A Constant Moth' was Lord RAJA's first 'proper' album, although he's put huge compilations of music online since the beginning of the decade. Released via Ghostly at the tail-end of 2014, 'A Constant Moth' saw the New York producer create a beat collage of rap, IDM, footwork, and ambient music....