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Tue, 27-01-2015

Fink, Exercise One & Worried About Satan pick their favourite Aphex track..

Richard D. James. Caustic Window. Polydon Window. AFX. Aphex Twin. Call him what you like, the producer has become a by-word in electronic innovation. Continually throwing off the shackles of expectations - seriously, check out the divided reaction to his latest LP - Aphex Twin has built up a near...
Mon, 26-01-2015

Ro Maron New Beat Minimix

Before the explosion of the New Beat scene in 1988, multi-instrumentist & producer extraordinaire Rembert De Smet enjoyed popular success with his group 2 Belgen. He was one of the early bird to get on the New Beat train, locked himself deep into the studio and started producing music non-stop...
Thu, 22-01-2015

Untold in the mix for Groove Magazine

Es klinge wie die „Tonspur eines Kriegsfilms“, schrieb unser Autor Alexis Waltz im vergangenen Jahr über das verstörende und radikale Album Black Light Spiral von Jack Dunning alias Untold. Es war nicht das einzige Album, das der Brite 2014 veröffentlichte. Gegen Ende des Jahres brachte er das „...